David Naylor is a musician based in Hertfordshire U.K.


He thinks he's been writing music for around 15 years. 


The reason for the uncertainty is that in 2017 he lost his memory after surviving a near fatal brain injury. 

After being in a coma he woke up not knowing who he was or what his life had been like.

Then one morning a song came to mind which he realised he'd once written and over the coming weeks, more songs came back. 


Returning to an unfamiliar world after two months in hospital was terrifying and it was the songs that gave him a reason to live. 

Not able to run his business anymore he started to sell everything he had to pay for the recordings.

They would become his One Last Poem

They have a dreamy, acoustic sound and speak of distant lovers, faraway places and stars in the sky.

Please visit the press page for more information.


'4000 stars' was officially released on March 21st

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In the studio with Mel Gaynor of Simple Minds

         recording the drums for 'Comeback'

Thank you to these organisations for all their incredible support

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